Selection Techniques for Sheet Metal or Weldment Parts in Assemblies

Selected Weldments

Many users are creating assemblies that utilize parts created as Weldments, Sheet Metal, or standard part files. Identifying these parts within an assembly which are Sheet Metal or Weldments can be beneficial. SOLIDWORKS Advanced Select allows you to customize the way you select parts in an assembly, making it quick and easy to pick and identify only the parts you want.

<span style="text-de

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Correcting File Paths After An Upgrade


It’s always exciting to install a new version of SOLIDWORKS and start diving into the new features and exploring new functionality. Rarely, though, is an upgrade completely without surprises.

Many upgrade issues can be directly attributed to incorrect File Location paths. For instance, the path to your Design Library may be “C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2014\

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Putting the Spin in FLOW: The New Rotating Mesh Feature


Designing and developing systems with rotating components often requires analysis and understanding the behavior of those components to improve performance. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, such as SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, is a perfect tool for studying rotating components. It helps eliminate expensive physical prototypes, as well as finding improvements much earlier in the de

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A Closer Look at the Magnifying Glass


SOLIDWORKS has a tool for its problem solving user that even Sherlock Holmes would be jealous of! It’s called the Magnifying Glass and it helps users view intricate details of their models and make selection easier. Let’s investigate a model I created of the famous Sherlock Holmes smoking pipe, using the magnifying glass!


First, this amazing detective tool needs be activated and there

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Conservation of Energy in SOLIDWORKS Motion


Rendered SOLIDWORKS model of a simple pendulum

Don’t worry, I won’t make you try and remember everything you learned in Physics class and there will NOT be a quiz later! However, hopefully you remember learning about one of the founding principles of physics, the Conservation of Energy. In a nut shell, it states that in the absence of non-conservative forces (such as friction) the total e

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