New Wash Tank Offers Faster Post Processing for FDM Parts


Additive manufacturing technology has been developing rapidly in the past few years. New progress, from the development of faster and larger printers to advances in materials science for new consumables, has continued innovation and expanded the array of applications in additive manufacturing.

Surprisingly, one aspect of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing that has remained unchanged is the

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Configuring Part Numbers for Paint and Materials


While meeting customers and prospects, I regularly hear that, “we make products that can have different paint or material options, but I don’t model them all.” It is understandable to not want to model every combination of material and paint on a product and manage each file separately.  This post will help you create and manage all the different configurations, but keep them

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Property Tab Builder


I was helping out a customer this week, and I noticed that he was using a side panel on the Task Pane that I’ve completely forgotten over the years.  I frequently use the Task Pane for the Design Library, Appearances, Resources and the View Palette, but that was pretty much it.  I was skipping over this tab, until the customer showed me all the custom properties in each part of his

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BOM Part Numbers


Ever wish you had a good way to control what appeared under the Part Number column in your Bill of Materials? Do you have a secondary or internal part number which should appear in the BOM instead of (or in addition to) what SOLIDWORKS decides to put in the BOM? Here is information that should help you understand where these properties are generated.

Traditional Method of Controlling the Part Number

To use a value other than the filename for a

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Customer Spotlight – Rick Braine from Power Drives, Inc.

2-25-2015 8-52-51 AM

Every year at SOLIDWORKS World there is a competition between all Users and Resellers called Model Mania. It is a timed contest that has the designer create a part and then make some changes to the model based on simulated conditions.  Over the past 16 years, here were the parts that contestants faced.

This year the model was just as challenging as the past parts.  It required the ability to

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