Introducing the CAD FAB LAB in Syracuse


A couple months ago I posted about how we were Designing our 3D Printer Lab with SOLIDWORKS in our Syracuse, NY office.  Well, the project is done so I thought I would give you a quick update on how it went!

Here was the original SOLIDWORKS design we rendered of the lab. The initial floor plan had to include room to display a bunch of Stratasys 3D Printers including the Objet500 Connex3, Fo

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New Materials for Stratasys FDM Printers


Stratasys released two new plastic materials for the Fortus 3D Production System machines. These new materials further expand the capabilities of Additive Manufacturing with Stratasys FDM technology.  The new materials are:

Ultem 1010

Ultem 1010 is the newest addition to the family of high performance plastics that Stratasys offers for its Fortus 3D Production Series and is currently available for

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New Paperless Environments with Model Based Definition


Sometimes I like to sit back and reflect on how much more we utilize our 3D models throughout product lifecycles, compared to let’s say a decade ago. We use our 3D models for renderings, analysis, communication, documentation, inspection and so much more. And why not? With the amount of engineering time it took to put into the design and careful 3D CAD creation of the product, it would

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3 Tricks to a Custom SOLIDWORKS Interface

s custom

The more work I accomplish in SOLIDWORKS, the more I realize that I will frequently use the same commands over and over.  Out of the box, SOLIDWORKS has no way of knowing which commands will be my “go-to” functions, so they have allowed the interface to be easily customized.  Here are some quick tricks to customize your SOLIDWORKS interface to better suit your needs:

1. Drag and Drop

This option

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Prevent Data Loss with SOLIDWORKS Backup Tools


When it comes to eliminating data loss in SOLIDWORKS, the golden rule is to save your files often.  However, we understand that this may not always be applicable when you’re in the middle of your design, and the last thing you want to do is remember an additional step. To help you with this, SOLIDWORKS has implemented two functions that when coupled together, work as a perfect solution! 

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