The Power of Options – Introduction to SNL Options Files

2-13-2015 5-56-49 PM

SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing allows the licenses your company owns to float between any client machines within your organization.  What if you want more control over who can access certain features?  You’re in luck, the SolidNetwork License (SNL) Manager can be further controlled by creating an options file.

Before we get started, an option file requires an SNL Manager to be installed and ha

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SOLIDWORKS Utilities – Unleash the Power


If you have SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium, somewhere in your paperwork is a list of add-ins that came with it. Many users forget about all these great tools and just use Toolbox. Today, we will be exploring one of these forgotten tools called SOLIDWORKS Utilities. Utilities have been around since early SOLIDWORKS, and in the past few releases they have made some really nice improvements.

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Be My Valentine – SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text


Cupid has struck me and, in honor of the Valentine’s Day, I am going to design the iconic candy conversation hearts! I already built the candy heart solid body and now I’m ready to add the conversation portion of the design. The lettering on our candy hearts will allow us to discuss Sketch Text and the useful, or in this case romantic, ways it can be used in SOLIDWORKS.

<p style="text-ali

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Making a Precise Move


I am always on a mission to find the fastest way to do things in SOLIDWORKS. One of the workflows that had me questioning my technique, was how I moved or rotated a component with a specific value inside an assembly. In the past, I would go into the move component command, select delta XYZ, and type in a value. However, being spoiled by all the heads-up interaction that SOLIDWORKS provides,

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Stratasys Adds More Colors to ASA Plastics


When ASA Plastics (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) was first introduced in 2014, we saw its amazing potential as a strong, robust, and UV resistant member of the ABS family.  ABS is a material type used in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), one of the pillars of Stratasys printing technology.  In 2015, Stratasys has released ASA in a variety of new colors.

Since its introduction, ASA has broug

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