A Closer Look at the Magnifying Glass


SOLIDWORKS has a tool for its problem solving user that even Sherlock Holmes would be jealous of! It’s called the Magnifying Glass and it helps users view intricate details of their models and make selection easier. Let’s investigate a model I created of the famous Sherlock Holmes smoking pipe, using the magnifying glass!


First, this amazing detective tool needs be activated and there

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Conservation of Energy in SOLIDWORKS Motion


Rendered SOLIDWORKS model of a simple pendulum

Don’t worry, I won’t make you try and remember everything you learned in Physics class and there will NOT be a quiz later! However, hopefully you remember learning about one of the founding principles of physics, the Conservation of Energy. In a nut shell, it states that in the absence of non-conservative forces (such as friction) the total e

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Using Snapshots to Capture a Moment in Time


When working within the assembly environment in SOLIDWORKS, I often find myself hiding and showing components to look at different aspects of an assembly. In a large number of cases, I will un-hide the components and begin working again, only to find that I need to see that view again and must re-hide the components… which wastes time.

Snapshots in SOLIDWORKS provide a way of capturing

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The 10 Most Popular Functions in Stratasys Insight


Stratasys Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology is powered by Insight job processing and management software.  During this video, we discuss the 10 most popular functions of Insight and what the functions are for. This includes basic modification of tool paths, fixing a part, deleting and modifying things, the copy function, your sparse options, scaling a part, sectioning a part, the hide

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Identify the features affecting your rebuild times


Have you ever wondered why your part is taking more than the expected time to rebuild? With SOLIDWORKS and feature statistics, you can identify the features that are affecting your rebuild times the most.

Opening your part and forcing a rebuild (Ctrl-Q on your keyboard) will force the software to rebuild the tree from the top to the bottom. This will update the statistics for your machine. The

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