MCC Leads the Charge!


There are many different paths that people take on their way through higher education. I chose to attend my first two years at my local community college which was known for its engineering program. To be honest, this decision had more to do with cost than it did anything else at the time. Monroe Community College (MCC) promised an accredited engineering program for a portion of what four year

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LED Light Bulbs with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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In my last post, Studying the Next Generation of LED Light Bulbs, I talked about how these light bulbs look like regular light bulbs and how they don’t have the ugly heat sinks. Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Since this bulb uses convection to cool the circuit boards, I wa

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The SOLIDWORKS 2015 Rollout Wrap-Up


Our annual Roll-Out events have come to a close. I am back at the office, and I feel like I have forgotten what my desk looks like. This morning I’ve been pouring through our notes about this year’s events. Franco and I would both like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you who came out to one of our events this year! We had such a great time sharing the highlights of SOLIDWORKS 2

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HOW TO: Upgrade the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork (SNL) Manager


With the recent release of SOLIDWORKS 2015 comes the process of upgrading your machines. If your licenses are on a network, it will be necessary to first upgrade the SolidNetwork (SNL) Manager prior to upgrading the client machines. Updating the SNL Manager allows clients to access the latest, as well as any previous, entitled versions of your SOLIDWORKS products.

The following is a list of the

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Studying the Next Generation of LED Light Bulbs

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One of my “geekier” passions (and I have quite a few) is home technology. From home automation to green energy, I enjoy it all. I’ve been looking at home LED light bulbs for some time now. The one thing that has kept me away from it has been the cost.

Until now.

Last week I stumbled across an article on CNET (<a href="

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